Biometric Time Attendance Systems

Biometric Face and Fingerprint Time Attendance Machine

AI Face Recognition and Fingerprint

Biometric Access Control Solution

Building Access Management System

E-Tag Automated Parking Barrier.

E-Tag & Vehicle Access Control Solution

Automated Parking Barrier Solution

Video Management Solution

All-in-One Access Control, Digital I/O, Surveillance System

Elevator Access Control Solution

SEMAC S3 Elevator Access Control System
  1. Elevator Access Control: Elevate vertical security with our tailored Elevator Access Control Solution. Manage floor access, ensuring authorized personnel reach designated levels, enhancing both security and convenience.

  2. Video Management Solution: Experience cutting-edge surveillance with our Video Management Solution. Seamlessly integrate cameras, monitor real-time footage, and bolster security protocols for a safer environment.

  3. E-Tag & Vehicle Access Control: Revolutionize parking management with our E-Tag & Vehicle Access Control Solution. Streamline vehicle entry, reduce congestion, and ensure seamless access control for a smooth parking experience.

  4. Building Access Management: Simplify access control across your premises with our Building Access Management System. Grant or restrict entry seamlessly, optimizing security measures and promoting operational efficiency.

  5. AI Face Recognition and Fingerprint: Embrace the future of security with AI Face Recognition and Fingerprint technology. Ensure foolproof identification and access control, bolstering safety through advanced biometric authentication.

  6. Biometric Time Attendance: Streamline workforce management with our Biometric Time Attendance Systems. Accurately track attendance, enhance accountability, and optimize payroll processes for enhanced productivity.