Biometric Access Control

Biometric Access Control Solution

AI Face Recognition and Fingerprint

IntelliTech offers Solution for Face and Fingerprint Recognition Access Control System that have multiple methods for verification solving the problem for Accession. Hornet G1 AI Face Recognition device which is a complete solution to overcome this solution.

Oculus' Hornet X1 is an ideal Solution for Access Control Systems having multiple verifications i.e AI Face Recognition, Biometric Fingerprint, RFID, Pass and QR to encounter any situation

Biometric Fingerprint Access Control Solution

Fingerprint Access Control

IntelliTech offers a variety of Solutions for Biometric Fingerprint Attendance Systems that best fit your requirements, presenting the best Solution for Biometric Fingerprint Access Control. Biosense-E is a sleek and robust device that can be deployed in variety of Access control solutions having no keypad, making it more secure.

Chiyu Technology's Biosense E is an IP65 Rated Weatherpoof Biometric Fingerprint Access machine that comprises of a suprema based fingerprint OEM module which is on the best Optical Fingerprint Scanners that provide exceptional performance and accuracy.