SEMAC S3 Elevator Access Control System

Elevator Access Control Solution

IntelliTech provides a complete Access Control System solution for Elevators and Lifts in Pakistan. IntelliTech's Elevator and Access Control System controls your lift and is used for Floor Access Control and Security. This Solution Consists of two main hardware components.

SEMAC S3 Access Control Panel


  • Realtime Logs and data
  • Sending offline data automatically
  • Web-Based Management Solution
  • IP-Camera Integration for Realtime SnapShots
  • Supports Visitor Card Management
  • Floor Security Access Control
  • Remote Control and Intercom System


Realtime Logs and Data: Stay informed at all times with real-time logs and data. Monitor access activities as they happen, enabling swift response to any security events.

Automatic Offline Data Transmission: No connectivity? No problem. The SEMAC S3 automatically sends offline data once a connection is reestablished, ensuring that no access event goes unnoticed.

Web-Based Management Solution: Take control from anywhere with our intuitive web-based management solution. Manage access permissions, review logs, and configure settings seamlessly through a user-friendly interface.

IP-Camera Integration: Elevate your security with seamless IP-camera integration. Enjoy real-time snapshots for enhanced visual verification, enabling you to match access events with on-site visuals.

Visitor Card Management: Simplify visitor access with our comprehensive visitor card management feature. Effortlessly issue and manage temporary access cards for a smooth visitor experience.

Floor Security Access Control: Tailor access permissions with precision using our floor security access control. Safeguard different levels and zones, granting authorized personnel access only where needed.

Remote Control and Intercom System: Empower remote control and communication with an integrated intercom system. Grant access remotely and enhance security by verifying identities through two-way communication.

Experience the future of access control with the SEMAC S3 Access Control Panel. Your gateway to a realm where security is seamlessly integrated, managed with ease, and bolstered by innovative features.

BF-333 Controller 


  • Can Connect up-to 128 Floors
  • Exit Button can be operated when power disconnected (Under Emergency Mode)
  • Real-time Watch Dog
BF-333 Floor Security Controller
Elevator and Lift Access Control Solution