Automated Parking Barrier Solution

UHF RFID E-Tag & Vehicle Access Control Solution

Entrance Access Control System using UHF M-TAG, E-TAG Vehicle effectively controls vehicle access to areas like Parking Plazas, Residential Buildings, Housing Societies, Toll Plazas, or any other place where automated access or toll collection of vehicles is a requirement.

The advantage of un-assisted access to authorized users like housing society residents. The system can record vehicles and persons in and out of the premises in a multi-lane entrance where the visitors or unauthorized users have a separate entrance/exit lane. It's also works for pedestrian using the same system & reports.

Entrance Control System - Automated UHF Vehicle Parking Solution

The E-Tag Automated Parking Barrier uses Chiyu Technology's SEMACS Series Access Control Panel that controls, monitors and governs overall operation of the Parking Barrier including UHF and RFID Proximity Readers and Traffic Signals. Seamlessly grant entry to authorized vehicles without the need for manual intervention, reducing traffic congestion and wait times. Maintain a secure parking environment by minimizing unauthorized access and preventing fraudulent activities with advanced UHF technology. Convenient User Experience: Provide a hassle-free parking experience for users with hands-free, contactless access using UHF M-TAGs, eliminating the need for physical tickets or cards.

Benefits of Automate UHF RFID Parking Systems

Gain valuable insights into your parking facility's occupancy, traffic patterns, and peak hours through real-time data collection and analysis. Flexible Integration: Integrate the UHF M-TAG Parking System seamlessly with your existing parking management software and other systems, ensuring a smooth transition and operation. Entrance Control System is just not for vehicles it's also works with pedestrians single software with multiple hardware integrated reports. Our SOMAC support complete Building or Premises Management System list of supported modules are below;

Parking - Panic - Elevator - Access Control - Time Attendance - Digital I/O (Control HVAC or Any Electronic Contact)